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Nil illegitimus carborundum

In other words - SLOPS!  Get your brooches, badges and  other OCAAA leisure-wear here.

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Slops Slops The Tiff’s Mess

This page provides stepping stones to several sub-pages, each with its own focus of interest; it is the place where readers can start turning back the years.  It’s also the place to get your hands on OCAAA merchandise and a copy of our book - The Apprentices’ Story.  Alas, we make no promises and cannot guarantee that a trip down this memory lane will not restore the youthful vigour and physical prowess of your years in HMS Caledonia.

Recollection and reflection are the order of the day and the pages subordinate to this one offer many ways to bring back those memories - good and bad (!) - of days when beer was a lot less than £1 a pint and you could buy petrol at 5 gallons to the £1 (or even better), rather than today’s £6 for a gallon.

Articles and records, both Service and personal, submitted by OCAAA members and their families.

Articles & Records

Articles & Records

Official footage from yesteryear, showing the boyart at work and play.

Archive Film Footage


We’ve grouped our photography archive into a series of albums to aid viewing.  Chase them down here ….

Photo Archive

Photo Archive