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Nil illegitimus carborundum

“Finished with Main Engines”

From time to time we bid a sad farewell to former boyarts as they complete the transition from “Passing Out” to “Passing Away”.  We mourn their passing as brothers, for the ties that we built during those halcyon Caledonia days are as strong as those between siblings, if not stronger.  They are born of mutual dependency and trust, grown in good times and bad, when being “brothers in arms” was the driving force.  We salute them and, reflecting on the glorious lives they lived, we will never forget them when we raise a tot.

Occasionally the Secretary learns of the death of a member a considerable time, sometimes years, after the event.  Our Chairman writes a condolence letter to the Widow or next of kin if we are informed within a reasonable time i.e. 6 months.

The OCAAA Roll of Honour - Lest We Forget



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