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The OCAAA Committee

Made up entirely of volunteers, the OCAAA committee is drawn from across the membership. Ranging from S21 to 753 entries and embracing a round mix of the artificer sub-specialisations trained at Cale, it meets twice yearly, usually around April/March and September/October.  The current crop are geographically widespread around the UK between Edinburgh in the north, Fareham in the south and Harwich in the east.

Phillip entered life as a boyart with 753 Entry in September 1975 and trained as an MEA.  He relieved Alan Petrie as Secretary in September 2012.

Phillip Alder

Secretary and Merchandise

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Mike joined with Series 23 in May 1956 and trained as an ERA. He initially took over from Gil Harding as Editor of the Newsletter, before relieving David Gale as Chair at the 2012 Bristol Reunion. Served as OCAAA Chairman 2012-2017.  

Mike Ketley

Newsletter Editor

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Steve joined with 723 Entry in September 1972 and trained as an MEA. He took over from stalwart Don Smith after the 2017 York bash.

Steve Wright

Reunion Secretary

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Lionel joined with S28 in January 1958 and trained as an ERA(Turner). He took over as Scotland rep in 2007. A resident of Edinburgh, he maintains active links with MOD Caledonia today on behalf of OCAAA.

Lionel Fisher

Scotland Area Representative

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Dave joined with S42 in 1962 and trained as a Shipwright. Taking over from Alan Williams as Treasurer after the 2014 AGM and Reunion, he then took over the reins as Chair from Mike Ketley after the 2017 York bash.

Dave Blackburn

Chairman and Treasurer

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Ron joined with S19 in January 1955 and trained as an ERA.  A long serving committee member, in recognition of his many years service to OCAAA he was made Honorary President in 2012.

Ron Emerson

Honorary President (ex officio)

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Phil joined the boys with 703 Entry in September 1970 and trained as an MEA(Fitter & Turner). He took over from Jon Jeffries as WebMaster in August 2008.

Phil Price

Webmaster (Spyda)

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